This room is entirely more pleasant during the day, the damp stench is still here though, like a wet dog.
I woke up, alone.
I started to think; it’s the ass that matters, nothing but the goddamn ass.
‘It automatically makes you an 8.5’, a wonderful friend once said to me.
Anyway, whether it is or it isn’t – the room was still making me feel claustrophobic, even with the curtains open.
I did peak outside, as we do - curious.
I watched people by the swimming pool – lovely long-legged women, lounging.

Dreading the end of the weekend and pretending they weren’t real.

The one with blonde hair, wild
Now, she has an ass.
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I have often lied for you – on your behalf,
The way your scent rips away morality –
I have often consumed copious amounts of
Right through you and your skin,
The crease of,
Your spine/
Makes for a perfect – line
Often hedonistic,
Because of you and your eyes,
Sick smile makes my,

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melancholiaIt is slow with out and it is forever within,

This, must be the reverse flaw of time,
and of man
And it preys on those who love – on those who live?
As you may have noticed, the
Sun did not shine light last night, nor has it on any night before.
If only the sun would stay out just a little more -
The sadness would not come and the monsters would not claw/

As they worm into my brain, and eat
The remnants of their last visit. And,
I cannot help but wonder what is it that I am doing? What have I just said?
Have I say anything at all?
I do not remember
I would like to question what is and what is not, but you see the blade shines too brightly, for me 

To think/in a manner that permits,
I am not outside long enough to know the difference between the two -
The light and dark, logic and
I do not know where I am or what I look like.
I may be a shell you see, or a fragment,
of something that could have been
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At any rate, we became friends through a series of typical female interactions, though B was anything but a typical female. She was the bad one of the bunch, possibly because she grew up in such a confined household.

A household I often returned to after school to enjoy her mother’s home-cooked […] food.

We would bicker quite often Bree and I, it often resulted in me parking my ass on the curb of her building with no phone and no money, praying a taxi would come collect me.


She would then look out the window and laugh at me and my defensiveness, and after I had been out there for a long enough time, she would invite me back up again, laughing.

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My love,

Much like Professor Schrödinger’s/

Farcial cat,

You are neither existent,

Nor are you non/existent

Not until you have been observed, and



My love,

You are neither a reality,

Nor are you fictitious

I would like to believe, that you will exist for me

Much like the way I,

For you


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A dependent set of clause(s)

1387f3386f150d586ef956aee412dd0dIt has always been just – one more
One more,

Just been,


The last night, this will never/

The last time
Give it to me
It’s mine

The last night,
Once again

I know,
It’s not right
But just one more
Just tonight

Under my skin,
Inside my eyes

Give it to me,
It’s mine

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I’ve met an old friend,

He’s told me about,


sticks and stems.

While the sound was entirely more pleasant than the sight,

I must admit – he tapped into my plight.

But now,



I am truly – but a miserable sight.

This old friend was quite warm,



stir up a storm.

He told me of his brother and his psych-e,

I would have excused myself, politely, but

This old friend,

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Tell me anything, and I will tell you how -
It doesn't matter.
Tell me about your day, your night, your
Nothing matters.
Tell me about how you eat, sleep, piss, shit,
fuck and breathe.
Tell me about how you talk, to fill the the room
With the sound of your own,
Nothing matters.
Tell me about your life, your happiness, your sadness,
your joys and sorrows.

Tell me about you,

Tell me about my words, my mind, my beginnings,
and my,
The third time is no longer - charming!

As you were.
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Have it –

It’s another tiny piece of me,


Complete downfall


To add too your collection


I will break off the final piece of my spine, for you

So that you may, at long last, have it all



I want you to keep it


I gave it to you because you blew me –


Into pieces across the floor,

At any rate



Keep it all


For I know that once I have gone –


You will have made it happen

You will have made me fall


And now what left to do but,


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tumblr_mp64ptMfiO1qz6f9yo1_500 I have spoken to you in one hundred silent ways
 When I took your hand,
 Even though you had no reason to be sad -I have spoken to you in one hundred silent ways
 Where your twists and turns
 Told me where it hurt -You have said to me in,
 One hundred silent words
 That we could pretend, for one more day

And then it would have to end
You have said to me,
In one hundred silent words
 That I, for/
And one hundred silent songs,
 I will hum for you
Once you are,
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